Hurry Hard Records @ Alberta Showcase 2017

Edmonton based independent boutique music label and production company Hurry Hard Records is glad to join you as part of the 2017 Alberta Showcase in Fort Saskatchewan.  We are excited to share 3 projects with you that we know would be great fits for your community arts programming throughout the year. Please take a look and listen!

- Nich Davies, President, Hurry Hard Music Ltd.



original music - folk rock / americana

Perfect for: Folk Festivals, Community Concert Series, Theatres, House Concerts

Love doesn’t live miles down the road. She’s lying in your bed, waiting in arms of a song.— “Macondo,” Place Holder

VISSIA's suggestive new album title Place Holder makes you wonder—what or who is standing in place, and for what?

“It’s partly about the emotional subtleties between people. I am notorious for my lack of openness about how I feel, face to face, but my songwriting is lyrically-driven, and I feel I can place my trust there. Also, the album took four years to write and each song holds a meaningful moment or place from that time.” This compelling theme winds through Place Holder — Song as a stand-in for the mysterious, tenuous bond between people, holding in place the fleeting, beautiful Now.


ON MAX YASGUR'S FARM: the authentic woodstock experience

tribute/reenactment - folk / rock / blues

Perfect for: Pop-up festivals: 1-3 day festival productions, Theatres, Community Events

Travel back in time and experience the most iconic concert event in history! Featuring authentic tribute performances of timeless Woodstock 1969 sets including the actual setlists, wardrobes, and instrumentation used during the three days of peace, love and music.

“Thank you for an awesome job on Woodstock. The music and quality of musicians was amazing. So was the way they stayed in character on stage. The sounds from the original Woodstock was an great touch. You were an incredible producer / artistic director and I would recommend you to anyone.”

The AM Radio

classic rock/country dance band

Perfect for: Weddings, Socials/Dances, Fundraisers, Banquets, Private Events

The AM Radio is a professional classic/country rock dance band performing the hits of the past decades as well as some of your favourite songs of today. The band consists of five of Edmonton’s top young musicians bringing you tight danceable rhythms, exciting solos and warm pitch perfect vocals for you to sing along with. The AM Radio is available for any event, from formal weddings to casual club dates, and will work with you to make your night successful, and exactly how you want it. Tune in and get ready to dance and sing to your favourite songs with the AM Radio!